Lufthansa Technik's interior shops are upgrading

The interior shops of Lufthansa Technik Base Maintenance in Hamburg are relaunching its services at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. The base maintenance workshops, which up to now primarily offered backbone support to Aircraft Base Maintenance, will in future offer full-scale modification services for commercial airlines directly from a single source. Headed up by Arne Bruhn, the workshops are working in close collaboration with the company’s Engineering department, the Original Equipment Innovation division and Lufthansa Technik’s VIP workshops. For example, instead of having to buy expensive new seats, thanks to this in-house capacity, Lufthansa Technik’s Hamburg shops can provide commercial airlines with low-cost, ultra-flexible, fast solutions that involve modifying existing parts of the cabin. Thanks to the separate wiring workshop, it is even possible to undertake complete electrical and electronic upgrades of existing configurations within next to no time. All electrical cabling can be fabricated complete. Specialists in another discipline can adapt the cabin design to the airline’s new look using foils or paintwork.

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