AerSale receives New Mexico sales tax exemption

AerSale released that the Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, visited AerSale’s facility on March 3rd to announce the passage of New Mexico’s House Bill 24, which will exempt sales tax on transport category aircraft services and products within the state. This exemption, which also covers sales of whole aircraft, engines and component parts, will save AerSale’s customers thousands of dollars on MRO and asset management services performed at AerSale Roswell. “AerSale is now positioned to offer one of the world’s most economical, environmental and tax friendly facilities for MRO and storage of aircraft that re-enter FAA and EASA regulated countries. Further, businesses seeking savings through exemption from state taxes on related aircraft sales transactions will now have this opportunity at our Roswell Operations Center,” commented Robert Nichols, COO of AerSale.

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