MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. starts operations

The establishment of a joint venture between MTU Aero Engines and Japan-based Sumitomo Corporation has now been approved by the relevant competition authorities. MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V., based in Amsterdam’s World Trade Center, will provide airlines, MROs and lessors with comprehensive engine solutions which span the entire lifecycle of an aircraft engine with focus on short- and medium-term engine leasing. Assets will be managed in the most cost-efficient and customized way from the delivery until teardown, including comprehensive material management solutions. The start of operations is accompanied by the purchase of a second GE90-115B engine which will be added to MTU’s spare engine pool. MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. also intends to further expand its GE90 pool in order to assist MTU’s current and future customers with peak spare engine requirements. GE90 lease engines will be marketed to all GE90 operators worldwide. MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. will provide services for engine programs that are part of MTU’s portfolio. These include the GE90, CFM56, V2500, CF34, CF6 and the PW2000 as well as future engine programs. The company’s Managing Director is Martin Friis-Petersen who was formerly the Senior VP Operations of MTU Maintenance Hannover and is responsible for all business activities.

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