HelioJet LED lighting system has been certified for aviation

The HelioJet LED lighting system has been certified for aviation. Teaming up with SCHOTT AG, Lufthansa Technik AG has designed and developed a new LED lighting system for aircraft cabins which has the advantages of LED technology yet without the color changes that normally afflict ageing LEDs. The system has been flying since 2013 and is certified for use on the entire Airbus A320 family. Later this year the partner companies are planning to offer a full color RGBW LED system with the launch of HelioJet Spectrumcc (Color Control). Lufthansa Technik and SCHOTT will be exhibiting the HelioJet system which allows the passenger to create personal lighting preferences with pre-sets and dynamic remote control. Consisting of just a few elements, the system can be integrated into cabins of every size. The system is flexible enough to enable the light to be controlled either by VIP passengers using their personal smartphones or by the airline cabin crew using a touch sensitive control screen.

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