GA Telesis announces asset transactions for Q4 2013 & Q1 2014

GA Telesis announced its asset transactions for the fourth quarter 2013 and the first quarter of 2014. The company added the following assets to its portfolio: two Boeing B767-200ER, two B757-200 aircraft, one B737-800, one B777-200ER, one Airbus A320-200, one A310-300 aircraft and one new CF34-10E5A1 engine. The company sold or leased eight MD-80 airframes, seven CF34-3A1 engines, six JT8D-217 engines, three CRJ100 airframes, two CFM56-7B22 engines, two CF6-80C2B6 engines, one A320-200 aircraft, one B757-200 airframe, one A310-300 airframe, one CFM56-5B4/P engine, one CFM56-5C4 engine, one CFM56-5A1 engine, one RB211-535E4 engine, one CF6-80C2A2 engine, one CF34-3B1 engine, one PW4056-1C engine and one CF6-80C2B1F engine. Several additional acquisition agreements are in place, yet to be announced.

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