REVIMA APU now offering full APS5000 (B787) repair and test services

REVIMA APU is now fully approved by the EASA and FAA for repair and test of the APS5000 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) installed on the Boeing 787 aircraft. The company is thus the first approved independent MRO provider worldwide for complete APS5000 test and repair services. REVIMA APU can support all B787 operators as a Pratt & Whitney AeroPower approved facility. Initial EASA approval for APS5000 APU repair was awarded to REVIMA APU in December 2013. This approval did not include the test of the APU. Since then, the company has worked diligently to complete its new state of the art APS5000 test cell, which was certified by the OEM in February of this year. This was followed by EASA and FAA approvals of the test cell received more recently. As a result, REVIMA APU can now perform the full APS5000 APU repair and test process at its facility, with EASA single release or EASA/FAA dual release. As of today, no other APU shop in the world outside of the OEM is able to test and release APS5000 APUs.

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