Clean Sky 2: MTU Aero Engines takes on the role of lead partner

Early July marked the official launch of the European Clean Sky 2 Joint Technology Initiative. The new program is substantially broader in scope and more ambitious than Clean Sky, its predecessor. MTU Aero Engines, too, is stepping up its activities under the initiative: Germany’s leading engine manufacturer is one of the 16 lead partners from the aeronautical industry in Europe, working on the further optimization of low-pressure turbines and high-pressure compressors. “With Clean Sky 2, the European Commission sends out a strong political signal recognizing the need to support the European aviation industry and secure its international competitiveness,” comments Dr. Rainer Martens, MTU Chief Operating Officer. MTU concentrates its efforts on the low-pressure turbine and high-pressure compressor, two technology areas in which the company excels. The primary focus of its activities is on the development of new, lighter-weight, more temperature-resistant materials and improved aerodynamics for second-generation geared turbofan engines. “What’s new about the approach is that we don’t just look at the individual components or modules, but focus on integrated systems,” adds Martens. Take the low-pressure turbine, for example, where the challenge will be to further optimize low-pressure turbine technology while also taking inlet and exit case designs into consideration. Similarly, optimizing the high-pressure compressor will involve making improvements to the low-pressure compressor and inter-turbine case too. To validate the new technologies, MTU uses demonstrators, which will be tested between 2017 and 2019.

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