Monarch staff groups vote to support restructuring plans

The Monarch Group has confirmed that each of its staff groups has agreed to major concessions on pay and terms and conditions, as part of its plan to evolve into a leading scheduled European low-cost airline.  Following supportive discussions with union representatives of BAPLA, the pilots union, and UNITE, which represents its cabin crew and engineers, staff were balloted on the proposed changes and on average more than 90% voted in favour, with a proportionately high level of staff deciding to vote. Results showed pilots voted 96% in favour, over 90% of cabin crew voting yes and engineers at Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (MAEL) also voting 88.43% in favour. The changes impact all areas of the business and involve concessions of up to 30% in salaries, as well as changes to working patterns and other conditions. Confirmation of the result comes just a day after The Board of Monarch Holdings Limited, announced Greybull Capital LLP as the preferred bidder to acquire Monarch from the Group’s current shareholders, principally the Mantegazza family.

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