Barfield invents line testing with ordinary tablet

AFI KLM E&M’s American subsidiary has developed an innovative and affordable software application. Released in May 2014, Barfield’s new technology transforms any Android tablet into a wireless remote control for the DPS1000 – the Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE) used for testing aircraft Pitot-Static/Air Data systems. Where in the past line testing often required two operators, communicating with each other by radio, Barfield’s technology only requires one. Moreover, one of the great benefits of a software application is that it’s highly flexible: it can continually evolve with extremely limited development cost. Since its release the app system was already improved, in light of the feedback from its first users. It will soon be extended to Apple’s iOS devices. While the number of tablets in mechanics’ tool boxes is today substantially increasing, Barfield’s innovation appears to be a reliable, economical and universal solution.

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