Honeywell completes Powerhouse construction for new Airbus assembly complex

Honeywell unveiled the recently completed powerhouse for Airbus’ A320 Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Ala., the aviation company’s inaugural manufacturing operation in the United States. The new building houses the technology and personnel needed to provide utilities for the entire campus — electricity, heating and cooling, chilled and drinking water, compressed air and sewage handling. It is the first support facility to open on the Mobile campus. Honeywell led the design and construction of the powerhouse, and is responsible for managing and maintaining the facility as part of a 10-year service agreement. This includes onsite support as well as remote monitoring to help operators quickly identify and address issues that could cause disruptions. The company guarantees that all systems will run within strict limits to help maintain critical services for the assembly line. When in full operation, Honeywell plans to employ five full-time technicians to supervise the powerhouse. In addition, almost 90 Alabama tradespeople worked on the building during peak construction. And the project generated more than 80,000 total man hours of work, helping create and sustain jobs in the community and state.

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