Change in Finnair’s shareholders’ nomination board

Per Wennberg, nominated to Finnair’s Shareholders’ Nomination Board by Skagen funds, has decided to resign the Board following the decision of Skagen funds to sell their shareholding in Finnair. Skagen funds was one of the three largest shareholders of Finnair. According to the rules of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board, the shareholder eligible to appoint the succeeding member to Mr. Wennberg, is the fourth largest shareholder of Finnair Plc as of the first weekday in September 2014 based on the registered holdings in Finnair’s shareholder register. The fourth largest shareholder was Ilmarinen, who has nominated Managing Director Harri Sailas to the Shareholders’ Nomination Board. The other members of the Board are Eero Heliövaara, Director General of the Government Ownership Steering Department, Prime Minister’s Office (Chairman); Robin Backman, Portfolio Manager, KEVA; and Klaus Heinemann, Chairman of Finnair’s Board of Directors.

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