New replacement battery boxes approved for Cessna and Piper

Bogert Aviation received FAA approval for stainless steel battery boxes that will replace PLASTIC, ALUMINUM and STAINLESS STEEL battery boxes in most Cessna and Piper aircraft, providing critically needed replacement battery boxes for these aging aircraft. Acid leaking from corroded or cracked battery boxes is a safety hazard and can cause expensive structural damage. Bogert Aviation boxes feature welded stainless steel construction, threaded drain and vent fittings, positive battery box venting and nylon insulators. Battery boxes have been approved for the 14 volt Cessna 150,172,180,182,185 and A188 series. New Piper models added to the STC include the PA28-161, PA31,PA23 and PA24-260B. Bogert aviation has been providing stainless steel battery boxes for the PA28,PA32, PA20/22 and the PA30/39 series since 2006.

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