Thomas Global Systems confirms long-term support for Airbus A320 displays

Thomas Global Systems confirmed its long-term support for the FCD-66 cathode ray tube (CRT) based cockpit display used on the Airbus A319/320/321 and A330/340 aircraft. The FCD-66 is the primary cockpit flight display in these aircraft. The company’s long-term support program for FCD-66 is underpinned by its secure supply of new CRTs and its long track-record in avionic displays. Thomas’ comprehensive FCD-66 solution, which includes market-leading quality, turn-around times and customer service, will ensure operators are well serviced into the future – avoiding potential display obsolescence or major flight deck upgrades. “As technology advances, and OEMs increase their focus on newer technologies, it is important for operators to know that they will have a stable, long-term source of support for their critical CRT-based FCD-66 display units”, says Angus Hutchinson, CEO of Thomas Global Systems. “Based on our secure, long-term CRT supply arrangements, Thomas will support FCD-66 and other CRT display units into the future”.

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