Magnetic MRO launches full aircraft painting services in May 2015

Magnetic MRO announced the start of its final preparations to offer full aircraft Painting Services in Tallinn, Estonia by May this year. “Painting services capability has been an eagerly anticipated service by our Customers”, says Andrius Norkevičius, COO of Engineering Services, Magnetic MRO. “We now have strong partners from UK, Spraybooth Technology Ltd (STL) and Paint Services Group Ltd (PSG), guaranteeing rapid project deployment and confidence to perform our first full painting project in May 2015. Magnetic MRO´s focus is to provide the highest quality repainting services to our customers, offering painting materials and technology of different producers and solution providers. Non-chrome and chrome systems will both be available to match the needs and requirements of either 30 year-old aircraft or those of the latest generation.” Whether stripping or sanding the old paint or applying the finish coatings, with strict environmental requirements in mind, Magnetic MRO will ensure the painting services comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 and all the relevant environmental legislations, including Environmental Protection Act 1995 and Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999.
Based on Magnetic MRO´s extensive maintenance experience of older type aircraft, exterior preparation and stripping to bare metal or heavy sanding, corrosion removal and treatment, as well as resealing of all production joints, painting projects will be performed to the highest standards to ensure long and durable finish will remain intact for years of aircraft operations. Comprehensive additional on-site services in Tallinn, Estonia, include pre-flight and bare metal skin inspection, rudder rebalance, aircraft weight and balance updates, line maintenance daily checks assistance or aircraft storage and release to service certification.

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