Southwest Airlines selects McMurdo Group emergency locator transmitters

McMurdo Group, a global leader in end-to-end search and rescue and maritime domain awareness solutions, reported that its Kannad Survival Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) are being integrated throughout Southwest Airlines’ (LUV) fleet of 636 Boeing (BA) 737 aircraft. ELTs, which are a key component of passenger and crew safety in the event of an emergency, enable first responders to locate the aircraft as soon as possible and potentially save more lives. Survival ELTs are removable from the aircraft and are stowed to facilitate usage by crew members in emergency situations. The ELTs were provided by McMurdo’s aviation partner, Aviall Services, Inc. McMurdo’s Kannad ELTs are already used by some of the world’s largest aircraft and airline brands including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Pilatus, British Airways, United Airlines and China Airlines. The high-performance distress beacons provide the most innovative technology available including pin-point positioning and location data for optimal rescue response time.

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