German Air Force takes delivery of A400M Full Flight Simulator

The German Air Force (GAF) has taken delivery of a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for the A400M aircraft provided by Airbus Defence and Space. The training device entered service at Wunstorf Air Base, where the GAF A400M fleet will be based, on January 8th and will be used to train about 60 GAF crews in its first three years in operation. Developed by Airbus Defence and Space and manufactured by Thales, it is a full replica of the A400M cockpit. As provider of a wide scope of training products and services to air forces, Airbus Defence and Space will deliver to the GAF additional training devices consisting of: a Flat Panel – Flat Training Device (FP–FTD), which is a cockpit partial simulator to train pilots prior to the FFS training; a Cargo Hold Trainer (CHT), which is a full 1:1 scale replica of the A400M cargo hold used to train loadmasters with real loading and unloading tasks as well as to train parachutists; and a Cockpit Maintenance Operations Simulator (CMOS) which replicates the aircraft in 3D images and provides maintenance procedure simulations. These training devices are due for delivery by mid-2015.

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