Shell Aviation expands Technical Services portfolio

Shell Aviation announced that it has expanded its Technical Services Agreements (TSA) portfolio, achieving a 19% growth on the total number of its customers in 20141. These customers are currently located in 41 countries, ranging from Southeast Asia, Africa & the Middle East to Australia and the Americas. The company offers airports, airlines and facility operators a suite of tools to enhance safety and operational standards through its TSA. As part of Shell Aviation Technical Support Agreements, customers receive;
Technical and operational support, Jet fuel quality assistance; aviation fuel product quality systems, interpretation of fuel certification data and management of product quality incidents, Training and inspection programmes, Access to experts and best practices through the TSA portal. Leveraging its extensive experience in this area, Shell Aviation also provides Engineering Consultancy2 as an additional service, which focuses on designing and building facilities that deliver performance and safety levels in line with industry standards.

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