Lufthansa Technik increases revenue in 2014

In fiscal year 2014, the Hamburg-based Lufthansa Technik Group achieved a result just under last year’s record level, with increased revenue of €4.3m. The annual accounts of the 22 consolidated Lufthansa Technik Group companies show an operating result of €392m. Currently Lufthansa Technik looks after 800 customers and a total of 3,200 aircraft. In 2014, the Group was able to win 30 new customers and conclude 325 new contracts, reaching a volume of €3.1bn for 2014 and the years to come. Lufthansa Technik has expanded its development of technical services for the newest aircraft types even further. Numerous customers now entrust Lufthansa Technik with the technical care of components and systems from their fleets of Boeing 787s. Since the Airbus A350’s first day of scheduled service a few weeks ago, Lufthansa Technik has offered extensive maintenance services for this aircraft at its facilities in Frankfurt and Munich. Material supply for Asia and Europe is also being developed. Co-operations for both aircraft types with important systems manufacturers such as UTC Aerospace Systems or Honeywell are being expanded significantly through long-term partnerships. Investments in innovation, research and development were boosted strongly in 2014. Plans call for €200m to be invested by the year 2018 – four times as high as during the previous five years.

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