US Army selects GE for engine controls technology development

The U.S. Army selected GE Aviation to perform conceptual design and trade analysis on the Rotorcraft Advanced Engine Integrated Controls System (RAEICS) program. The 24-month project will develop a conceptual design of an advanced engine control system to enable innovative, high performance propulsion capabilities for Future Vertical Lift (FVL) platforms.
RAEICS will assess innovative engine controls technologies and architectures, and explore approaches to optimally integrate the advanced engine controls system with vehicle systems and subsystems. GE will participate in the RAEICS program with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. GE continues to support JMR/FVL development efforts through multiple programs to include the Future Affordable Turbine Engine (FATE) program. GE is investing in the FATE program to ensure advanced engine technology is ready when required for FVL. FATE Inlet particle separator, compressor, combustor and turbine component tests are ongoing or completed. At the same time, hardware is being manufactured and assembled for engine testing. FATE is aimed at demonstrating a 5,000-10,000 shp-class turboshaft with an 80% increase in power-to-weight ratio, 35% reduction in specific fuel consumption, 45% lower production and maintenance costs, 20% lower development cost and 20% longer design life. GE completed its FATE detailed design review in November, 2013.

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