Bruce Aerospace obtains FAA and EASA certification for Air France Airbus A319 LED cabin lighting system

Bruce Aerospace has added the Airbus A319 to their list of certified platforms for their popular XLume LED lighting product line. The work was performed by Air France Industries in Toulouse France. The certification covers the installation of new “Plug & Play” Sidewall, Ceiling, Entry and Lavatory Lights in single white and two-colour options. Air France has selected the two-Colour option of White & Amber. The lights in all four locations retain the same part number but have selectable scenarios. The installation of the “plug & play” LED fixtures was easily accomplished using the existing wiring and controls. With an LED life of over 60,000 hours, Air France will save costs on labour & materials for lamp replacement, not to mention savings on disposal of “hazardous lamps”. Additionally, such new lighting products are saving weight and reducing electrical power consumption. This new lighting system introduced on the A319 forms part of a major cabin upgrade programme undertaken by Air France to enhance the cabin for their passengers on its medium-haul service.

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