COMLUX America breaks ground on wide body hangar expansion

Comlux America, the Completion and Services center of the Comlux Group based in Indianapolis IN, is officially breaking ground on the expansion of the current VIP completion hangar to have the capability to house both narrow body and wide body aircraft simultaneously. This is in direct correlation to the announcement at MEBA of the signing of the 1st wide body completion, an A330, for Comlux America. The official ground breaking ceremony took place on the 6th of April 2015 and included key city and state officials as well as the Senior Management within Comlux America and Comlux the Aviation Group. The expansion of the hangar is scheduled to be completed by the start of Q4 2015. The expansion of the hangar is in direct correlation to the announcement at MEBA of the signing of Comlux America’s first wide body completion, an A330 aircraft based in the Far East. This aircraft will be the 9th interior completion for Comlux America overall. The new hangar expansion, will include an extension to the existing facility, which was first inaugurated in 2012. The expansion will take approximately 6 months to complete and will increase the total size of the hangar from 128,000 ft² to 157,000 ft². The new facility will be able to house 1 wide body and up to 4 narrow body aircraft simultaneously.

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