West Star Aviation integrates carbon fiber into aircraft

While carbon fiber has been readily used in the structure of aircraft for some time, it’s now making its way into the interior and exterior of the aircraft. A prime example of this relatively new trend is West Star Aviation, who has successfully integrated carbon fiber into five custom aircraft refurbishment and/or exterior paint projects since 2014. When integrated into the cabin, carbon fiber covers surfaces where wood veneer is traditionally used, such as countertops, side ledges, tables or bulkheads. In addition, West Star has completed an exterior paint project with carbon fiber aircraft paint. “The use of carbon fiber in cabin design has continued to grow in popularity as it gives a unique, hi-tech, and more modern look than the traditional veneer options,” said Debi Cunningham, Vice President Marketing & Interior Design, West Star Aviation. “Carbon fiber can be finished in high gloss the same as a veneer,” continued Debi Cunningham. “This gives the cabin a more modern look but retains the high-gloss, high-quality look that customers prefer.” West Star continues to increase their expertise in integrating carbon fiber materials into today’s aircraft interiors and has currently delivered carbon fiber projects on Gulfstream 200, Challenger 604, and Falcon 900 aircraft.

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