AMETEK MRO Florida – Avtech Avionics & Instruments introduces new Airbus A320/319/300 specialist capabilities

AMETEK MRO Florida – Avtech Avionics & Instruments (AAI), a leader in avionic and instrument MRO, has expanded its capabilities to include more than 50 additional part numbers for new and mid-generation Airbus aircraft. AMETEK MRO has extended the reach of its low-cost global avionics repair services broadening its appeal to airlines seeking high-quality avionics expertise and exchange pool options within the aftermarket arena. AAI’s OEM trained technicians already provide skilled avionic and instrument MRO expertise, including Level 3 repairs. AII new A320/321/319 (ATEC 6000); A300-600, A310 (ATEC 5000); and navigation capabilities create opportunities to further increase the scope of its worldwide repair business across flight control, audio control, radio and communication, navigation, and electronic displays.

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