Aircraft Propeller Service demonstrates ingenuity and commitment to lengthening component lifespans

Aircraft Propeller Service, recently developed an innovative brush-plating repair solution for a damaged, Cad-plated steel torque plate on propeller hubs. The repair not only saves the part from being scrapped, but it also represents a viable solution for damaged Cad-plated steel plates that can now be repaired at one-third the previous costs. According to APS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dennis Santare, “I have to hand it to our technical team for their commitment to our customers. They developed a process that not only increases the lifespan of a critical component, but also delivers significant savings directly to our customers’ maintenance budgets. These efforts make APS and our customers more competitive.” Unlike new torque plates, which are un-plated, the older plates are Cad-plated. Once the Cad plating is damaged, there is no other approved way to re-use the part. In presenting its solution to this costly problem, APS was able to secure OEM approval through a supplemental engineering action which will save customers’ money for every future hub repaired at an APS facility.

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