ATR features the latest aircraft developments at the Paris Air Show 2017

ATR will be present at the 52nd edition of the Paris Air Show, from June 19 to June 25. Visitors will be welcome on board an ATR 72-600 in the colours of the Indian carrier IndiGo in the static display area. The aircraft will be equipped with the newest passenger comfort developments for the ATR ‘-600 series’. On board, visitors can discover the “innovation corner”, featuring two rows of Geven’s new Neo Classic seats, which will be fitted as standard on ATR -600s in the near future. The aircraft also features two rows of ultralight Expliseat seats. Both Geven and Expliseat’s seats decrease the overall weight of the aircraft, (170 Kg and nearly 300 Kg, respectively). The ATR 72-600 on display will also be equipped with a new on board Wi-Fi streaming system allowing passengers to access a variety of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) content on their personal electronic devices. ATR places the continuous development of its aircraft at the core of its business. Besides the new features displayed at the Air Show, ATR is about to receive certification for the new version of its avionics, Standard 3. These new avionics will combine a range of standard and optional features, designed to reduce both pilot workload and ease airline operations; ensuring that ATRs remain at the cutting-edge of technology. Among the new Standard 3 innovations, the ClearVision System is a first in commercial aviation, consisting of a head-mounted pilot visor (Skylens) displaying basic flight data, a synthetic vision system plus an enhanced vision system. During the Air Show, the ClearVision system and Skylens will be displayed at the chalet of Elbit, the supplier and partner in these innovations.

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