SGS Part 145 approved for non-destructive testing of aircraft operating in Europe

SGS, leader in non-destructive testing in France for aircraft production and assembly sites, has obtained Part 145 approval for non-destructive testing. Already present throughout the aviation industry value chain, from design to production through assembly, this international approval extends SGS’s services to maintenance. From now on, SGS will be present through the whole aircraft life cycle, from birth to decommissioning! Ten senior engineers and technicians have already been trained and are operational, and with its subsidiary in Spain, already part 145 approved for NDT, SGS is present throughout Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle-East. To best meet the requirements of airlines, equipment manufacturers and constructors, and so offer the most complete package possible, SGS made a request to OSAC in France at the beginning of the year to obtain part 145 approval for NDT.

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