TLD and EasyMile to develop TractEasy, the first autonomous baggage tractor

Ground Support Equipment, as many other driving machines, are experiencing a technological revolution with the development of Assistance and Automation systems that will change the ramp operating environment in the coming years. In keeping with that trend, TLD and EasyMile joined their expertise to develop the TractEasy. TractEasy is a driverless baggage tractor incorporating software that allows the robotized unit to operate in a complex and live ramp environment. This complete solution integrates the ramp operation organization, the safety parameters of the unit on the ramp, the navigational software to optimize routes as well as the vital security layers to ensure protection against outside interference. TractEasy will be based on TLD’s successful electric tractor JET-16 and will integrate all remote control, communication and safety detection tools developed by EasyMile as part of their driverless technology – one of the most advanced autonomous vehicle solutions – already used in EasyMile’s EZ10 driverless shuttle. TractEasy solution is meant to transfer baggage and freight from the terminal to the aircraft area, on the service roads, with a fully driverless approach. It will operate in normal traffic, without infrastructure modification, and in all weather conditions. TractEasy will be fitted with a complete cabin to allow the operator at the stand to take control for the final approach of the dollies to the aircraft. TractEasy will generate significant operational benefits, allowing a pay-back expected in less than 2 years, depending on the operations and conditions.

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