Eirtech Aviation Services develops cover solution for CLS on A320 Family aircraft

Eirtech Aviation Services have successfully developed a cover solution for the Cargo Loading System (CLS) on A320 Family (A319, A320, A321) aircraft. This solution is currently being supplied to a number of customers globally. The solution is easily installed, available in short lead times and once installed allows for bulk loading of passenger baggage and cargo. Aircraft leasing companies and airlines often require a solution to cover the Cargo Loading System on board the aircraft in order to avoid damaging cargo and passengers’ baggage. Eirtech Aviation Services have designed and manufactured cover panels that are installed over the existing cargo loading system (FWD and AFT) to provide a flat cargo floor on which cargo and passenger baggage can be easily and safely stored. The installation of this solution takes approximately 16 man-hours and is completely reversible. It is the lightest equivalent solution on the market and can be supplied with EASA and FAA approvals.

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