CTT Systems announces first Cair™ VIP order for BBJ MAX 8

CTT SYSTEMS AB (CTT), a leader of aircraft humidity control systems, has announced launch customer order for a Cair™ VIP Inflight Humidification system from Jet Aviation for one Boeing BBJ MAX 8. This completion will feature increased humidity in the entire aircraft cabin which requires support from three humidifiers. This award is CTT Systems’ 86th VIP order for Airbus ACJs/Boeing BBJs. CTT’s humidifier maintains air humidity in the human comfort zone of approx. 20 percent Relative Humidity. A higher humidity on long-haul flights reduces dry air related problems (e.g. fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin, spread of virus diseases) and improves wellbeing and sleep. The humidifier is based on evaporative cooling technology and uses a method that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria. The Cair™ VIP IFH system offers total anti-condensation protection.

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