Robots driving innovation at SR Technics

SR Technics is partnering with Invert Robotics to implement an innovative robotics solution to enhance its aircraft maintenance inspections. Developed by Invert Robotics, the robot employs a patented mechanism that explores the airframe surface to assess the required maintenance needs.
Equipped with a high-resolution inspection camera, the robot records and transmits video images to a ground-based screen, which are then analyzed by SR Technics engineers. The use of this new solution enables efficient visual inspections both on the tarmac as well as in the hangar. In addition, the inspection images can be used for more detailed repair assessments and as a record of the current state of the aircraft for future comparisons.
The automated inspections can help reduce the inspection time from hours to minutes. Furthermore, the robot’s capabilities can be enhanced by adding functions such as ultra-sound and thermographic testing that allow robots to perform many labor-intensive and tedious maintenance inspection processes more efficiently. Freeing up skilled aircraft engineers to manage more complex tasks helps speeding the process, and reducing cost of the overall maintenance process.

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