Airbus signs long-term cooperation framework with Luxembourg

Airbus and the Luxembourg Government have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a framework for increased global long-term cooperation in the areas of cybersecurity, space technologies, remotely piloted aircraft systems as well as rotary wing aircraft.

In cybersecurity and in the field of intelligence and training, Airbus will develop a partnership with the Luxembourg Cybersecurity Competence Center (C3), a public private partnership programme, to provide intelligence, cybersecurity skills and expertise, as well as training and testing facilities to economic actors. Airbus also agrees to assess the opportunities of a long-term partnership with LuxTrust, a public-private certification authority and qualified trust-services provider that issues and manages digital identities with a high level of security and compliance. Airbus will also continue and expand its collaboration with GIE Incert. In space, Airbus and the Luxembourg Government will identify areas of cooperation for the future space economy.

In the area of rotary wing aircraft, Airbus will become a privileged partner for Luxembourg-based companies, setting directions for new and expanded collaboration. Opportunities also include research & development activities.

“The collaboration with Airbus is in line with the Luxembourg Defence Guidelines for 2025+ establishing the framework for the development of Luxembourg’s Defence,” said Etienne Schneider, Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy and Minister of Defence.

As part of the MoU, Airbus agreed to provide training sessions to Luxembourg-based companies to become potential suppliers. A delegation of executive level representatives from top Luxembourg-based suppliers participated in Toulouse in a dedicated training session today at the Airbus premises.

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