Dedienne Aerospace selected as GE9X™ engine tooling licensee

GE has chosen Dedienne Aerospace as a tooling licensee for the GE9X™ engine. Dedienne and GE have collaborated on many projects and developed a strong relationship.

Starting this year, Dedienne will sell, maintain, support, provision, test, calibrate, lease and service GE9X engine tooling. Dedienne Aerospace’s entire global operations will be focused on GE9X customer support, while a large service center will be opened in Cincinnati to serve as the central operations for supporting GE Aviation, the GE9X engine program and GE’s customers.

Dedienne Aerospace has already proven itself as an official Boeing licensee. Now, as a provider of GE9X engine tooling, Dedienne will be able to offer a comprehensive tooling solution to GE9X and 777X customers around the globe.

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