Ural Airlines takes off with AMOS

Ural Airlines has selected AMOS to replace its M&E legacy system.
This decision strengthens the AMOS footprint in Russia as Ural Airlines becomes the 8th Russian aviation organisation to choose AMOS in this significant market for Swiss-AS.

Ural Airlines has opted for the AMOS Airline/MRO Edition, which perfectly fits the business context: Ural Airlines will manage with AMOS their own maintenance requirements as an airline while also performing considerable 3rd party maintenance activities. The Airline/MRO Edition will bring increased efficiency to Ural Airlines by providing the tools necessary to accurately manage the planning and execution of aircraft maintenance.

With AMOS being a community product, the standard software AMOS can be adjusted to the individual needs of the airline via hundreds of parameter settings options. The objective is to implement AMOS “as-is”, since the software contains the input of a large and active AMOS community and reflects customer requirements and state-of-the-art processes. This approach is the best way to ensure that the implementation will be hitting key targets: A smooth implementation within time and budget.

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