PPG family of aerospace sealants cured with ultraviolet light undergoing qualification

PPG has begun qualification and shop trials for a family of aerospace sealants that are cured on demand using ultraviolet (UV) light, allowing for substantial reductions in process time, waste and costs while increasing efficiency.

Based on PPG PERMAPOL® polymer technology and known in the industry as sealants cured on demand (SCOD), these proprietary sealants cure in seconds with the simple application of UV light, rather than hours or even days required for traditional-cure products. These new sealants are fuel-resistant, offer low shrinkage, are highly flexible and exhibit excellent physical properties.

PPG SCOD products are undergoing evaluation for qualification to the new SAE Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 3102 written for UV-cured sealants. Several aircraft manufacturers have begun or will soon begin the evaluation and approval process for these products.

“The new UV-cured SCOD family of aerospace sealants based on proprietary PPG Permapol technology represents the next inspired step in aerospace sealant technology – one that promises to provide value, performance and cost savings to our customers,” said Bill Keller, PPG global segment manager, aerospace sealants.

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