Comlux launches ER solutions by comlux to boost Airbus A321ceo range performance

Comlux has launched a new division, ER Solutions by comlux, to propose to airlines an auxiliary fuel tank system increasing the range capability on the Airbus A321ceo.

Further to a successful flight test and implementation during Q4 2017, the new system called FACT “Forward Additional Comlux Tank” received its FAA certification in February 2018 and is currently under the EASA certification process. The system has been in service with an Airbus ACJ321 since March 2018 and has proven additional range capability on long-haul routes not achievable before then.

ER Solutions is now offering to the market a totally new system allowing airlines and VIP clients to link new city pairs, thanks to the range increase: up to 400nm for the commercial airliner version of the A321ceo and up to 500nm for the ACJ321ceo VIP version.

In collaboration with Airbus specialists, Comlux engineers developed this new FACT system to complement the existing Airbus Additional Center Tanks (ACT). While FACT provides around 4000 Liters / 1000 Gallons of extra fuel, its design offers a lightweight, optimized, yet cost efficient solution for the A321 platform ensuring minimal downtime for installation. As 30% of all A321s are provisioned with ACTs, there are already clear potential candidates who would benefit from this option of more range, including various major airlines.

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