Daher begins warehousing and logistics management for support tooling in Rolls-Royce’s UK jet engine production network

Daher is assuming full warehousing responsibilities for approximately 28,000 handling tools used by Rolls-Royce in the manufacture of jet engines across the company’s UK production network.

Under terms of the agreement, Daher is centralizing and stocking the support tooling in a 30,000-m² warehouse at Doncaster in northwest England, as well as packaging and dispatching of these tools to manufacturing sites, followed by their return to storage.

The extremely diverse tooling weighs from 0.5 kg. to 30 tons, and is used across the Rolls-Royce production network for handling jet engine components that range from fan blades to large powerplant modules. These responsibilities build on a 15-year relationship with Rolls-Royce, during which Daher has provided tailored-made tooling containers and kitting for the jet engine manufacturer’s production flow.

As part of the latest agreement, Daher has applied innovation by creating an internal web portal that is constantly updated with the Doncaster warehouse’s inventory of handling tools. Operators wearing camera-equipped smart glasses can be directed via WiFi links within the warehouse, facilitating the location and verification of specific tools. “Our goal is to make Rolls-Royce’s Doncaster site a flagship warehouse for the United Kingdom,” Grimal added.

The support tooling’s warehousing and logistics management agreement is part of Rolls-Royce’s program to simplify its logistics operating model by adopting industry-standard practices, enhancing visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain, while reducing transport costs.

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