Swahili Aviation Aerospace now approved supplier of filters and filtration systems for GE LM2500 and LM6000 engines to the African continent

Swahili Aviation Aerospace has released that it is now an exclusive approved supplier/distributor of GE Aeroderavitive Gas Turbines & Cummins Diesel and Gas Engines, Filters/Filtration Systems to the African continent. The General Electric (GE) Gas Turbines the LM2500 & the LM6000 Engine Units, now operating in the continent.

Swahili Aviation Aerospace is a state of Connecticut, USA-registered Company which represents Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE), and airport safety and security equipment. The company also distributes MRO after-market aircraft engine and airframe spare parts to Africa aswell as Fuel Filtration Systems. Swahili Aviation Aerospace supplies gas turbine fuel filtration systems of OEM manufactured: (Winslow/Nelson Filtration/Cummins Filtration-Fleetguard) filters to the African continent.

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