JETcopter to test innovative propulsion system and to build next-generation copter


JETcopter, a VTOL aviation startup, has announced the launch of tests of a new type propulsion system for VTOL aircraft.

This new propulsion system consists of two centrifugal air turbines in enclosed housings, each 200 cm (6.6 feet) in diameter, that will rotate in opposite directions at a high RPM to create thrust similar to 11 meters (36 feet) diameter helicopters rotors. The airflow from the turbines will be diverted by air ducts to four endpoints, that could be vectored in any direction. This layout will enable the enclosed rotors housing area to create a lifting force and unload rotors in horizontal flights like airplane wings. The compact enclosed rotors propulsion system will be safer in urban areas than helocopters, and the achieved bigger airflow speed could improve performances of next-generation VTOL aircraft.

JETcopter will start tests on a mobile platform shortly to measure generated airflow parameters, like speed, volume and sound at various RPM, and to test airflow vectoring possibilities. Aircraft with this propulsion system could open a new class of VTOL aircraft, ´Copterplanes´; efficient VTOL aircraft, that could be used as air taxis for intra or inter cities routes or as corporate or private high speed, safe and efficient next-generation copter.

This new and more effective propulsion system with automatic leveling control, instead of manual mechanical control, could allow piloting VTOL aircraft easier and simpler compared to helicopters, even with airplane pilot licence only. JETcopter plans to build a conceptual VTOL prototype within 24 months.

The company also developed a low cost carbon fibre fuselage production for the JETcopter and will use reliable, powerful and inexpensive automotive motors. The JETcopter is a unique and feasible project, where all three main VTOL aircraft components are ready to install without big investments to initial engineering. With 2 motors, each 400 hp, and 1000 kg empty weight, the JETcopter has a high power/weight ratio, 6-8 seats, VTOL-capacities, it will be powered by automotive motors and very low operational costs.

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