CTT Zonal Drying™ removed as basic equipment on Boeing 787

CTT SYSTEMS, a market leader of humidity control systems for aircraft, has announced that Boeing has de-selected the Zonal Drying™ equipment on the 787. This as consequence of the Boeing decision to remove the Moisture Control system (MCS) as basic equipment on the 787. This decision will have financial impact on CTT from end of 2019.

When entering into force the deleted Zonal Drying™ OEM equipment not only will lead to lowered OEM sales, but also will have impact on correlated IP deliveries and aftermarket sales. In 2017 and first half of 2018, this in total accounted for 15-20% of CTT Systems’ net revenues.

The removal decision is consistent with other Boeing airplanes utilizing crown ventilation via upper recirculation air. CTT Systems will remain a supplier for the 787, supporting humidifiers to flight deck and crew rest compartments.

“Although an unwanted change for CTT Systems, our target market for Zonal Drying™ is primarily single aisle aircraft,” comments Torbjörn Johansson CEO at CTT Systems. “We are pleased to notice that our humidifiers in flight deck and crew rests are frequently selected on Boeing 787 and highly appreciated amongst pilots and crew.”

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