SkyWorks posts third quarter 2018 activities

SkyWorks Holdings has reported transactions and activities performed during the third quarter of 2018. Asset Management Services, provided through SkyWorks Leasing, included the following transactions:
On behalf of Air Canada, SkyWorks arranged the sale of 25 E190 aircraft to Beautech Power Systems. Air Canada is gradually phasing out the type and the aircraft were leased back on short-term leases. The first aircraft were redelivered in September 2018 and the last will be retired in June 2020.
SkyWorks is currently offering two 2006 vintage A330-300 (RR), available for sale or lease in November 2018.

Investment Banking and Management Consulting Services, provided through SkyWorks Capital, included the following:
SkyWorks was engaged by a North American low-cost carrier to source eight new 737 MAX 8 aircraft, to be delivered in 2019.
SkyWorks was engaged by a North American low-cost carrier to arrange a revolving credit facility secured by PDP payments.
SkyWorks continued to provide fleet-related advisory services to a European flag carrier.
SkyWorks continued to provide fleet- and network-related advisory services to Fiji Airways, including long-term market growth analysis and schedule-driven operational cost reduction and aircraft acquisition advisory services.

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