Centrik revolutionises operational efficiency for Bournemouth Aviation Services

As an authorised Pilatus centre, Bournemouth Aviation Services uses Centrik to manage the maintenance and repair of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft for parent company, Jetfly. ©Bournemouth-Aviation-Services

Aircraft maintenance provider Bournemouth Aviation Services has transformed the efficiency of its operations thanks to its new management system, Centrik.

Handling all maintenance and repair of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft for parent company Jetfly, Bournemouth Aviation Services turned to Centrik at the start of 2018 to streamline its operational procedures, adding a more structured, centralised way of tracking and evidencing all MRO processes.

ICAO and EASA-compliant, Centrik provides Bournemouth Aviation Services with a way to replace its reliance on paper trails and various separate computer programmes, in favour of a fully-integrated solution capable of managing every operational element. Centrik’s cloud-based architecture puts a complete operational picture at the finger-tips of those who need it, from wherever they are. All information is stored on Centrik’s own, ultra-secure datacentres and is instantly accessible via any browser or tablet. The system is completely portable and can be used even when offline.

Based on a modular system, Centrik can also provide full management of safety, risk, workflows and meetings, as well as compliance and training, which can build a comprehensive overview of all findings, providing visible heatmaps and KPIs that quickly and easily demonstrate how all regulatory compliance requirements are being met.

Centrik will also monitor the training records of every staff member, providing full oversight of all training activity, highlighting when training currency may be about to expire and providing a way to effortlessly create a tailored course, all within the system.

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