Liebherr to supply Boeing 787 Nose Wheel Steering Remote Electronic Unit

Liebherr-Aerospace has been selected by Boeing to deliver the Nose Wheel Steering Remote Electronic Unit for the 787 Dreamliner. This contract from Boeing marks an important milestone in Liebherr’s stand-alone electronics strategy to bring the modular technology of ultra-versatile remote electronic units to the skies.

One unit of the Remote Electronic Unit (REU) is installed per aircraft. It provides closed loop control of the nose wheel steering angular position. The REU responds to commanded steering angles received via CAN bus by providing outputs to a solenoid valve and servo valve that control the supply of hydraulic fluid to the steering actuators. The electronic architecture of this unit is based on the ingenious concept of Liebherr’s ultra-versatile REU which offers high reliability.  

Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg (Germany), Liebherr’s center of excellence for flight control and landing gear systems will be in charge of developing the software and the unit integration. The development of the hardware and the qualification as well as the manufacturing will be conducted in-house at Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH, Lindau (Germany), center of excellence for electronic hardware development and manufacturing.

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