Vancouver International Airport To Become Hub for Canada Jetlines

Canada Jetlines has chosen Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to be its home airport and primary base of operations. The airline intends to begin flight operations from YVR later in 2019. Furthermore, YVR has confirmed to Canada Jetlines that all airport slots needed to operate their initial network will be available.

Jetlines selected YVR as their future base for operations for multiple reasons. A primary factor in the decision was YVR’s 25.9 million passengers in 2018. This makes YVR the second busiest airport in Canada. YRV is also the busiest airport in British Columbia, and is the airport with the largest catchment area. The airport has more than 2.5 million people living less than 30 minutes drive from it. In addition to being the closest airport to Vancouver’s city center, the airport is also extremely well- connected to the city. A convenient rapid transit rail system connects the airport to the city.

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