DRAKKAR and Avianor Conclude Partnership Agreement

DRAKKAR, a specialized company in operational outsourcing within leading-edge sectors including Aerospace and Avianor have finalized a partnership agreement which will enable Avianor to accelerate its growth strategy.

With the help of Ernst & Young Orenda Corporate Finance, Avianor strongly believes the strategic and Canadian-based company DRAKKAR is the best partner to secure the future of Avianor. Following this transaction, effective as of February 28, 2019, the Avianor board of directors now consists of Earl Diamond, CEO of Avianor, Sylvain Savard, President and Founder of Avianor, along with two new members from DRAKKAR, Denis Deschamps, President and CEO of Drakkar & Partners, and Benoit Hudon, President and CEO of their Manufacturing business unit.

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