Vallair partners with Contrail on CFM56-7B engine deals

Vallair, the aircraft and engine asset specialist, has partnered with like-minded CContrail Aviation Support a commercial aircraft trading, leasing and parts solutions provider, in a deal for three CFM56-7B engines.

Vallair purchased one CFM56-7B from Contrail with 9,500 cycles remaining, and this was fitted to the Boeing 737NG (MSN36118) in January, which is under lease to SpiceJet. In turn, Contrail acquired two run-out CFM56-7B engines from Vallair, previously removed from this same aircraft, for tear-down. The dismantled components will support the growth of Contrail’s surplus engine parts line of business.

2019 will see Vallair’s own Engine Business Unit, which actively markets engines and spare parts, invest in tooling and training to expand its portfolio of repair and teardown expertise which is presently centred on the CFM56-5A engine type.

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