Co-owner of Russia’s S7 airline killed in plane crash

S7 Airlines ©AirTeamImages

News has been announced by Russia’s S7 airline, the countries second-largest commercial airline, that Natalia Fileva, the carrier’s co-owner and wife of company CEO and fellow co-owner Vladislav Filev, has been killed in a plane crash just outside Frankfurt, Germany. The aircraft, understood to be an American-built Epic LT or 1000 single-engine turboprop six-seater aircraft, was en route from Cannes, France, when it crashed while approaching Egelsbach airport near Frankfurt, Germany, before catching fire. It is believed all three persons on board, including the pilot, were killed in the crash. Though yet to be confirmed, it is thought the other passenger was Mrs Fileva’s father. News so far would indicate that the pilot had not notified aviation authorities of any malfunctions prior to landing.

Natalia Fileva was one of Russia’s wealthiest women with an estimated fortune of US$600 million. She was co-owner and a major shareholder of S7, also known as Siberian Airlines, which has a fleet of 96 aircraft that fly to 181 cities and towns in 26 countries, according to the company’s website.

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