GA Telesis launches APU Leasing Business with first sale and leaseback on four Auxiliary Power Units

GA Telesis has reported the first sale and leaseback (SLB) on four Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) with a major Eurasian Airline. The three Airbus A320 and one A330 APUs will be on a long-term operating lease with the carrier.

While GA Telesis has transacted on hundreds of APUs in its history, this was its first-ever SLB and will be the commencement of building a large APU lease portfolio for its vast customer base. In addition, GA Telesis has speculated by investing tens of millions of dollars on new and overhauled APUs for current and new technology aircraft that it will stock and make available to its global customers.

“GA Telesis was approached by a customer in our region to create a financial and operating solution around their APUs. With our vast financial and service offerings, we were well placed to support the operator’s needs that addressed their unique requirements,” stated Mehmet Dogan, Managing Director, GA Telesis Istanbul.

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