CTT Systems partners with Airbus Corporate Jets to optimize humidification system for ACJ320 Family

Peter Landquist of CTT (left) and Benoit Defforge of ACJ ©Airbus

CTT SYSTEMS AB (CTT), a market leader in aircraft humidity control systems, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus Corporate Jets to optimize a humidification system for the ACJ320 Family to further improve efficiency and performance.

Cabin humidity is typically low in VIP passenger aircraft cabins, but with a CTT humidication system it can be increased to better than 20% by continuously introducing moisture to improve passenger comfort and well-being. Moisture build-up in insulation blankets will be avoided by combining a dryer with the humidifier to achieve balanced humidity.

“Our shared goal is to create evenly distributed humidification throughout the VIP cabins of Airbus corporate jets, while minimizing the potable water needed, bringing the benefit of our airliner experience to the world of private jets in an optimized and economic way,” says Peter Landquist, Vice President Sales & Marketing of CTT Systems.

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