Russia’s Pobeda Airlines chooses Britannica’s Fox Training Management system

Pobeda Airlines has purchased the Fox Training Management System by Britannica Knowledge Systems as its new training management platform. In flight since December 2014, Pobeda is a new and growing low-cost airline, slated to have 108 routes across Russia and abroad by mid-June 2019.

Pobeda will use Fox to manage and improve pilot qualification training and compliance, courseware delivery, online testing, and performance evaluation. Fox’s scheduling module will oversee all pilot training events and resources. Pobeda’s instructors and evaluators will use the Fox Grading app to ensure training quality and maintain standards by capturing performance data, in real-time on mobile devices, both online and offline. In addition, Pobeda will implement Fox with the support of Fox’s new easy onboarding tools and guidelines.

Probeda is wholly owned by Aeroflot, the country’s 96 year-old flag carrying airline. Pobeda boasts 29 modern and comfortable Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft.

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