SpiceJet posts full year 2019 loss

SpiceJet ©AirTeamImages

SpiceJet reported a profit of INR 56.3 crore for the traditionally weak quarter ended March 31st, 2019 as against INR 46.2 crore in the same quarter last year. In comparison to Q3 FY19, the airline managed to generate higher profits despite challenges on account of seasonality and more importantly grounding of its 13 MAX aircraft. The reported quarter profit does not include any form of reimbursements or compensation on the grounded aircraft and for which the Company continues to work with the manufacturer. The airline reported a net loss of INR 316.1 crore in FY 2019.

Operating revenues were at INR 2,531.3 crore for the reported quarter and INR 9113.2 crore for the fiscal 2019. On an EBITDA basis, profit is INR 122.8 crore for the reported quarter and INR 48.4 crore for the fiscal 2019. On an EBITDAR basis, the profit is INR 523.3 crore for the reported quarter and INR 1,345.1 crore for the fiscal 2019.

The year under review posed multiple unprecedented challenges such as the world-wide grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX which led to the overnight grounding of SpiceJet’s MAX fleet. This could have led to huge cancellations and passenger disruptions but the Company swiftly moved by mounting additional frequencies, inducting planes on wet lease and rationalising and optimising the use of its existing fleet. Further, this year saw a 25% increase in aviation turbine fuel prices and 9% depreciation of the Indian rupee that resulted in cost escalations of INR 695 crore and INR 285 crore respectively. (1 crore (10m INR) = US$143,500 at time of publication)

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